Catapult: Absolute Madness

Catapult: Absolute Madness
$0.99 / Buy Now Category: Arcade
Version: 1.0
Get ready for a very addictive game with amazing physics and lots of fun!

Destroy your enemies using the catapult and get the best hi-score in all of the 45 challenging levels of the game separated in 3 different worlds.
Can you unlock them all?

Simple gameplay. Turn the Angle Wheel to change the direction of the catapult and hold the Fire button to charge the power of your shot.
Kill all the enemies with less shots for more points.

Also collect Coins for extra points.

Explosive Power-Ups can help you a lot in certain levels.
Collect the 'Red Explosive Ball' Power-Up and your next shot will bring the destruction to your enemies!

The game features hours of gameplay.



* Amazing physics engine
* Simple but very addictive gameplay
* 45 challenging levels to unlock
* 3 Different worlds to explore
* Explosive Power-Ups!
* Beautiful Pixel Art graphics
* Level specific hi-score system
* 2 types of enemies
* Collect Coins for extra points
* Hours of gameplay