Roll and Smoke 3D

Roll and Smoke 3D
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Version: 1.0
The sequel to the most realistic virtual smoking simulator is back with many awesome features.
With amazing 3D graphics, smooth animations, smoke physics and many more.

Roll your own cigarettes and then smoke them, or learn how to roll in this very realistic app!
It is also a good way to stop this bad habit.

Roll and Smoke 3D teaches you step by step how to roll a cigarette with a simple interface and amazing, full 3D graphics.
When you have your cigarette ready you can smoke it.
Or you can just smoke one from the beginning without the need to roll one.
You can select 'what will you smoke' like: Cigarette, Hand-Rolled Cigarette, Cigar or Tobacco Pipe.
You can even change the lighter or the ashtray!

While you smoke the cigarette if you hold the device in flat position an ashtray will appear to get rid of the ashes.
The smoke reacts and moves based on the accelerometer orientation changes.
When the cigarette ends you can drop it by simply tapping on it.

Roll and Smoke 3D takes full advantage of the multi-touch and the accelerometer.

1. Add the cigarette paper
2. Fill with some tobacco by moving your finger over the paper
3. (Optional) Add the filter on the lower part of the paper
4. Move your finger up and down on the left part of the paper to add a streak of saliva
5. Then move the rolling paper from right to left to complete your cigarette
6. And finally smoke it and enjoy!


* Easy step by step guide to roll the cigarette
* Beautiful, high quality 3D Graphics and animations
* Full Retina Support
* Roll a cigarette and then smoke it or you can smoke one from the beggining
* You can smoke: Cigarette, Hand-Rolled Cigarette, Cigar or Tobacco Pipe
* 3 Lighters to choose
* 6 Ashtrays to select
* Realistic smoke effect moves with accelerometer
* Ashes will fall if you shake the device
* Hold the device in flat position and an ashtray will appear
* Cigarette reacts to accelerometer orientation changes